parquet board from massive Siberian larch wood, oak, and Euro center-beaded board

"Киришский деревообрабатывающий завод" паркет-массив

Instruction for laying a parquet board

Before laying

1. Keep the unpacked parquet in a room for 3-4 days before laying; as a result, the parquet board will gain uniform humidity and stable sizes.
2. The optimum air humidity for parquet board is 55-60%.
3. The moisture content of the concrete bottom should not exceed 5%.
4. The building should be dry and close, all waterproofing works need to be finished.
5. A heating system should be installed and checked, and it needs to be working during the heating season, providing continual heat supply.

1. Drill holes of 3-4 mm in diameter at angle of 45 degrees in the basis of the ridge (the distance between holes is 30 cm divided by the length of a screw)
2. Boards are fastened to the basis by screws with flat caps at distance of 40-45 cm and angle of 45 degree, and sunk by a holder-adapter.
We recommend to use non-corrosive screws with size of 3 by 35 mm. Parquet boards are pasted in butt junctions by moisture-resistant glue.

1. Laying on wood bridging joists (the thickness of a joist is not less than 25 mm, the distance between joists should not exceed 40 cm)

2. Laying on plywood (the thickness of plywood is 16-20 mm)

3. Laying on an old wood floor (fix stiffness, smooth the surface)

Advice for laying


The minimum gap between the wall and the first row of boards is 15 mm (to create a gap, put shims or wedges between the wall and the first row of parquet boards). A hole is drilled in the parquet boards for pipe passing. The gap around a pipe should be of the same size as the gap for widening along the wall. An oblique wedge is sawed out from a board in order to paste it into the place.


It is recommended to lay the boards parallel to the long side of a room. Saw off grooves from the boards of the first row. The distance between the transverse seams of neighbor rows of boards should not be less than 30 cm. The junctions of boards in one row should not be located in one line with the junctions of a neighbor row. Trim the last raw of boards to form a required gap for wall widening. Insert the sawed board into the place with the help of a setting fixture, for example, a nail extractor.


The best temperature for parquet board is 20 degrees of Celsius, and the best air humidity is 55%. Properly laid qualitative parquet board is safe and durable under the right maintenance.
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