parquet board from massive Siberian larch wood, oak, and Euro center-beaded board

"Киришский деревообрабатывающий завод" паркет-массив

If you value beauty, strength and durability,
If you need warm, cosiness and comfort,
Do not compromise!!!
Do not refuse the advantages of natural materials.

ATI-group, a limited liability company, presents parquet board made from massive wood of Siberian larch and oak. Wood parquet board combines the advantages of an old plank floor with the desire to have a modern design. A wide-area format of a massive board is especially good for demonstrating the structure and color of a tree. Due to the high production quality and the elaborate selection of unobtrusive elegance, this floor harmonizes with any furniture.

Larch is different from the other species. It is characterized by high durability and moisture resistance. Its solidity is a little lower than that of oak and depends on the type of saw cut - radial (which is harder) and tangential. Larch is hardly subject to warping. It is the best material for the cases when high durability and decay resistance are required; and these properties allow us to replace oak by larch. Due to the beautiful texture, larch is widely used in wood furniture production, for manufacturing floor and parquet boards. It gains a nice goldish hue under lacquer covering, which saturates with time. The gum contained in larch become hardened during the maintenance time, making the wood firmer. It is an ideal choice for nursery and bedrooms; larch contains phyton compounds that make good influence on a human organism.

Larch wood is used in hydraulic structures, house-building, sport constructions, as cross-ties, for production of furniture, parquet, plywood, in hydrolytic, pulp-and-paper and other industries. Hard, firm wood, which is not subject to decay, is used for in-water constructions, shipbuilding, etc. It is enough to remember that the city-on-water – Venice - stays on larch piles, which were brought to Italy from remote Siberia more than 400 years ago.

Oak of the beech family. It is widely spread in Europe. In Russia, it is a traditional species for manufacturing parquet and wood floors. It is characterized by a large variability, it counts for about 200 species. Oak sapwood is light yellow, the color of aged wood ranges from light brown to yellow-brown with a nice texture in the cut section. Oak becomes a little darker with time, which gives it a shade of noble antiquity.

A wood board is a traditional material for floor covering, known for a long time and evaluated highly by Russian tsars and noblemen. This type of floor covering takes high loads and can be used every day in residential and public buildings for many decades. Even the parameters of the board induce the feeling of safety: it is thick (2.2 cm), long (up to 2.0 m), and wide (up to 20 cm). Modern wood board is produced in Russia using the latest imported equipment of the German company VEINING AG. Groove/feather on 4 sides. Humidity 8-10%, length 0.4-2.0 m, width from 100 mm to 200 mm, thickness 22 mm. Packed by 5 bars into shrinkable film.

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